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What are you struggling with right now? What is causing you stress? Jayne Kiel, LCSW, P.A. provides psychotherapy to help you get through these changes. See her specialties.

What you may need is a comforting,
nonjudgmental, confidential Florida
licensed therapist to really listen to what you
have to say and help you.
Contact Jayne today to begin.
What you may need is a comforting, nonjudgmental, confidential Florida licensed therapist to really listen to what you have to say and help you. Contact Jayne today to begin.


Proudly Serving Naples, 
Bonita Springs, Estero, 
Ft. Myers, Cape Coral,
and Marco Island in Florida

In addition to in-office sessions, Jayne offers Distance Video Counseling to people living anywhere in the state of Florida, and in the state of New York.

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My philosophy is that, "It takes courage to be happy... again." So many people will stay stuck in a life situation and before long, it starts to feel "comfortable" at least to the extent that it is either too scary or too difficult to try to make those necessary changes. Often, it takes the guidance of a trusted therapist to help one discover where, how, and why a person is stuck, to point out distorted thinking, and to help map a plan for progress towards a goal. My 30 years of experience in the field creates my philosophy and approach. Let's begin the journey, together.

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License No. SW10055 in Florida  |  License No. R33333-1 in New York

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